Vietnam’s 4 Major Telecom Operators Analysis

Vietnam, which was considered to be slower in telecom’s development in the past, has gradually become a commercial development area and a tourist destination in recent years. Vietnam’s 4G network is also different from the past. There are currently four main telecom operators operating, of which Viettel, MobiFone, and VinaPhone are larger in scale. The telecommunications services provided are relatively complete as well, while the scales of Vietnamobile and Gmobile telecommunications are smaller. Basically, you can buy the Sim cards of the top three telecom operators in other countries, which means you can prepare the network card before departure, and you can get it locally without queuing at the airport!

Introduction to Vietnam's 4 major telecom operators

Viettel is Vietnam's state-run military telecommunications, the largest telecom in Vietnam, with the widest coverage of 4G signal. The speed and stability of the network are affirmed by local users, but the price of the solution is slightly higher than that of other telecom providers. One point, this brand of network card (without voice) is available on most of other countries, and there are also counters at local airports in Vietnam. You can directly inquire about purchasing related products.
MobiFone is the second largest telecommunication's company in Vietnam. Its network signal stability and speed are comparable to those of Viettel. It is one of the telecommunications brands that lives in Vietnam love to use. The product plan provided by the virtual mobile network operator (MVNO) cooperating with Mobifone also includes free voice minutes to dial to China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan, which is a very discount! Mobifone also has counters available for direct purchase at Vietnamese airports.
Compared with other telecommunications‘ providers, Vinaphone has a lower price plan, so it is popular with backpackers. The local counters at Vietnam airports are always full of people. At present, foreigner's travel platforms also offer purchases and local shopping. Airport card collection service. In terms of 4G signal coverage, Vinaphone may only have 3G signals in some suburbs, so you must confirm your own needs before buying and using it.
Vietnamobile is a relatively new telecommunications company, mainly engaged in 2G and 3G communication services. Currently, it also continues to expand 4G network base stations and provide 4G telecommunications services. It can be said that among the many Vietnamese telecommunications companies, the price of the solution is the lowest but the network traffic is calculated. Many, but because its signal coverage is not as wide as the previous telecommunications companies, many places can only use 3G network signals at most. You still need to confirm whether the local network signal is stable before buying.

3G/4G/LTE band support for Vietnam's Telecoms

3G/4G/LTE Band 1 Band 3 Band 8

Four Main Telecom Coverage Map

Those who travel or work in Vietnam basically use the above four telecom operators Viettel / Mobifone / Vinaphone / Vietnamobile. Although Viettel is known as the biggest Telecom of Vietnam, in the main tourist attractions, the first three telecom companies are actually similar. It may not be possible that Mobifone / Vinaphone / Vietnamobile will be worse. Even there is a new telecom ‘GMobile’, a bit smaller than other four telecoms in Vietnam. The signal coverage in the picture below takes few places in Vietnam’s big city as an example. The editor also provides query links for the reception services of various telecom operators. You can directly query the area you want to go!

How to choose internet service for you?

If you plan to travel to Vietnam, it is still recommended to prepare your internet card in your country first. Although the local airports and shops also provide products from various telecom companies, but the language is not communicated, it is still easy to cause misunderstandings or accidental deception. If you really need to buy a sim card or store value locally, you must also test on the spot whether you can access the Internet, make calls, and confirm the account balance.

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