The USA’s 3 Major Telecom Operators Analysis

The United States, which is the fourth biggest national territorial area in the world,  including 50 states for mainland and the island of Hawaii. The USA has three national mobile network “Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile(US).” All of those network providers launched their 5G networks in 2019 and also for repaid customers. However, the 5G speed can be way lower on some carriers due to 5G frequencies in use. On all three providers’ mmWave networks, over 1Gbps for high speeds but only deployed in small portions of some cities generally.

Introduction to Vietnam's 4 major telecom operators

One of the largest provider, coverage the most places in the USA, but more expensive than AT&T, T-Mobile US. For foreign customers who want to travel in the USA, Verizon can only support iPhone (iPhone 6 and newer) and Google Pixel.
One of the largest provider and has the biggest coverage nationwide except for Verizon. Almost compatible with a large proportion of 4G cellphone. AT&T started 4G/LTE in 2011 with B17, B12, B4 for the main region and went into market aggregated LTE as "5GE", which is a bit different from 5G. 5GE is rather based on 4G like LTE+ or LTE.
T-Mobile, really popular around the world, have merged with Sprint in 2020 to create the leader in 5G. Merger to bridge the gap between T-Mobile US and AT&T/Verizon for the subscribers. Much cheaper than other two telecom providers that can attract many new customers not only for American resident but foreigners.

3G/4G/LTE band support for USA Telecoms

3G/4G/LTE Verizon AT&T T-Mobile US
Band 2
Band 4
Band 5
Band 12/17
Band 13
Band 66

Due to complicated band using in general telecom, very different from other countries and having a vast territory in the USA, we suggest that make sure your phone support band and MHz as much as possible. If you’re in the countryside or far from the big city, band supporting and signal’s coverage are further important to bring you a stable connection. Let’s talk about signal coverage for the three main telecom provider!

Three Main Telecom Coverage Map

Those who travel or work in the USA basically use the above three telecom operators Verizon / AT&T / T-Mobile US. Although Verizon is known as the biggest Telecom of the USA, the first two telecom companies are actually similar of coverage and users. The only thing is that Verizon is much more expensive than others and also support less cellphone model. The signal coverage in the picture below takes most places in the USA big city as an example. The editor also provides query links for the reception services of various telecom operators. You can directly query the area you want to go!

How to choose internet service for you?

If you plan to travel to the USA, it is still recommended to prepare your internet card in your country first. Although the local airports and shops also provide products from various telecom companies, but it may be different extra tax for each states, it is still easy to cause misunderstandings or accidental deception. If you really need to buy a sim card or store value locally, you must also test on the spot whether you can access the Internet, make calls, and confirm the account balance.

For Verizon, you have to provide your phone IMEI and only support iPhone and Google Pixel series which isn’t easy for foreigners. It’s better to choose other two provider. For coverage and signal outside big cities, choose AT&T, in the big city, AT&T and T-Mobile US are both perfect. For price, choose T-Mobile US, it’s much cheaper than others.

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