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HUESIM Mainland China eSIM

  • Book your plan anytime, anywhere
  • Easy to use, Scan – Activate – Connect
  • Do not be afraid losing your SIM card
  • Accompany with you anytime
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Features & Plans

How to purchase eSIM

How to purchase eSIM on the website?

Very easy to get started by using HUESIM site for purchasing eSIM service with flexible data plans.

Total Time Needed: 3 minutes

Step 1 : Enter HUESIM website (
Select "eSIM" from header.
Step 2 : Choose the country you want to go
Enter eSIM page and select your plan.
Step 3 : Confirm your eSIM plan
Confirm data plan, day select, travel date, quantity, phone model and proceed to checkout page.
Step 4 : Get QRCode by email
You'll receive confirm email after payment complete and also receive QRCode/eSIM details in 24 hours.



There are few steps for installing eSIM on your mobile phone


Please send the problems you met while installing or activating to our service email as detailed as possible, we'll get back to you at earliest convenience.

Things Needed?

- A mobile phone with eSIM function.
- QRCode or activate number by HUESIM.
- Connect to WIFI.

Steps to install and activate

Step 1 : Setting - Cellular
Enter cellular or network service on your smart phone.
eSIM install
Step 2 : Add Cellular Plan
Please make sure you have connected to WIFI before adding cellular plan.
eSIM install
Step 3 : Scan QRCode
Scan QRCode you received by email and you can edit 'Cellular Plan tag name' whatever you like.
eSIM install
Step 4 : Activate the plan you added after arrival
Open 'Cellular Data' and 'Data Roaming' in 'Cellular Data Options'. Choose the plans you added and restart.
eSIM install


Delivery & Refunds


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