Japan’s 3 Major Telecom Operators Analysis

In Japan, the most common telecom operators are NTT Docomo, Softbank, AU KDDI, and the new Rakuten Mobile. Regardless of whether the above network cards are SIM cards or eSIMs, the most important ones are the first two Japanese telecom companies, Docomo/Softbank. Also it can be regarded as the top two telecommunications companies in Japan. They are second to none in terms of coverage, utilization rate, network speed, etc., and the services they provide are also very complete. In terms of places frequented by tourists, these two telecommunications companies are very effective.

Introduction to Japan's 3 major telecom operators

NTT DoCoMo is the biggest telecommunications company in Japan. It has the largest users and coverage rate in Japan. It has a high CP value in the telecommunications solutions of Japanese stores, and it has increased in public areas in Japan. A lot of hotspot services can be used as long as they use their solutions and have a Docomo WiFi logo. Around the world, there are also many online stores that sell DoCoMo sim card.
Softbank can be regarded as a global telecommunications company. In Japan, it is very stable overall, but in suburbs or remote mountainous areas, the signal and coverage is not as good as DoCoMo. For the above network cards, Softbank has a wide range of cooperation fields, so there are also many MVNOs working with it. You can also find network cards with different traffic schemes using Softbank routing on the market.
The Japanese telecommunications company, which is merged by KDDI and AU and other telecommunications services, has the same share and coverage in Japan as Softbank, but KDDI itself does not release an internet card, fewer people know this.

4G/LTE band support for Japan's Telecoms

4G/LTE Band NTT DoCoMo Softbank AU KDDI
Band 1
Band 3 Tokyo
Band 8
Band 19
Band 21

Three Telecom Coverage Map

Those who travel, work or study abroad in Japan basically use the above three telecom operators NTT Docomo / Softbank / AU KDDI. Although Docomo is known as the biggest Telecom of Japan, in the main tourist attractions, the three telecom companies are actually similar. It may not be possible that Softbank / AU KDDI will be worse. The signal coverage in the picture below takes Tokyo as an example. The editor also provides query links for the reception services of various telecom operators. You can directly query the area you want to go!

How to choose internet service for you?

Although it’s convenient to buy a sim card in the airport in Japan, some stores in Japan, i still recommend to prepare those thing before your trip. You can choose the sim card that other telecoms selling online which is provided by NTT Docomo or Softbank. For HUESIM here, you can select the plan you want and don’t need to change the sim card that we provide eSIM service for the customers all over the world.

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