China’s 3 Major Telecom Operators Analysis

Due to the control and limitation of internet usage in China, business people and tourists who travel here are difficult to use Line, Facebook, Instagram and also Google Map. You have to connect with VPN, use internet roaming from your original sim card, or use sim card that no need VPN to get into those applications if you need.

Currently, there are three major telecommunication operators ‘China Mobile’ ‘China Telecom’ and ‘China Unicom’, in China. Although there’s a good signal coverage in the big city, you still cannot use one mobile phone with all of the operators from time to time because of different band and net resources from each operator’s network system. My suggestion is that check the capability between your cellphone’s model and band from provider before you buy it.

Next, we’re going to talk about network background and significant from the three major telecom operators. Most important, how to choose a card that doesn’t need to worry about network limitation.

Introduction to China's 3 major telecom operators

China Mobile, established in April 2000, is the biggest mobile service provider in China and the world as well. The scope of business include landline, mobile network internet services. As the leader in China's telecommunications industry, China Mobile has the most stable quality of signal, and most of the mobile phone support China Mobile's network bands nowadays.
china mobile
China Telecom, established in September 2000, is a state-owned enterprises that provides landline, mobile, satellite, and web services. Due to the particular spec and unstable signal of China Telecom's, so some cell phones might not support China Telecom occasionally even if purchased locally in China. However, most visitors don't need to look for a local number or purchase a cell phone, so they are less likely to have this issue.
china telecom
China Unicom merged with CNC in June 2008 and become a full-service carrier. For signal, China Unicom is stable and perfect, and since it uses the same 3G technology (WCDMA) as Taiwan, if you buy a cell phone in Taiwan that does not support the 4G band of the major Chinese telecoms, you will be able to continue to use the 3G network if you choose China Unicom.
china unicom

4G/LTE band support for 3 major telecom

4G/LTE band China Mobile China Telecom China Unicom
Band 3
Band 8
Band 38
Band 39
Band 40
Band 41
sim card

How to choose SIM card prepaid, includes VPN

The best option is to prepare a SIM card that includes VPN before taking your journey. There are two simple ways to choose a SIM card without complicated information. First, Use your original telecom’s roaming data service from your country. Regrettably, it usually cost an arm and a leg for roaming from original telecom. Then, second, choose a SIM card that provide by Hong Kong. Data roaming through prepaid cards issued by China Mobile and China Unicom in Hong Kong can be accessed without going through the wall since Hong Kong is not restricted to the network control of the mainland.

By cooperating with these two major telecommunication companies, the industry in the market also provides more convenient mobile Internet services in China, Hong Kong and Macau, and you can start using the Internet without any restriction when you insert the card there. In addition, you can choose the same service with eSIM plan here: China eSIM . No need change your SIM card, don’t be afraid losing your SIM card. 

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