Our team, with more than 10 years in tourism,  telecommunication industry and network technology, will be a  trustworthy service provider for you.

HUESIM, an eSIM service provider from all over the world, collaborates with local telecom and offers customer services, billing & technical support, marketing & sales to HUESIM users.

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Mission & Vision

HUESIM is one of the pioneer in eSIM technology and based on traditional sim card service’s experience for many years.

The best partner for travellers, businessman, students overseas or anyone to foreign countries. With HUESIM, no worries for internet service in most places, good compatibility with eSIM devices.

Our mission is to provide high quality internet service through eSIM with flexible plans and days you need. No need expensive charges with international roaming data and switch sim card when you enter other countries. Only the few easy steps before starting your journey. Connect anytime, anywhere.

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Scan , Activate , Connect

Light & Handy

Do not be afraid losing your SIM card

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